Friday, April 3, 2009

Wings Express

Is it his superhero sunglasses? His cool, wings-crossed attitude? His elaborate sports sandals? Just what is it that makes the Wings Express chicken so unpleasant?

While the above attributes of dress and posture are distasteful, what really impresses us is the bird's willingness to adopt the mannerisms of disaffected youth for the purposes of luring more of his kind to their dewingment.

Or, then again, maybe we're being too hard on him. Maybe he is the deluded youth (although he does give the appearance of a narc in pool party drag), and he deserves our pity and not our scorn. Maybe he's just some poor sap, a true believer, who espouses the Wings Express philosophy sincerely.

No matter how the unpleasantness of his existence is best explained, he is not the first chicken to work this side of the street. We have seen deranged chicken kids and chicken tweens before. So he's only the continuation of a sordid lineage. For isn't he the high school (or maybe junior college) version? And can't you just hear him, imagine his faux-surfer drawl as he waxes wistful?

"Life's a beach—huh huh! Life's a beach and then you die, dude. And then you have your wings wrenched off, breaded, and fried."


Anlina S. said...

The whole feel of this image is kind of interesting. The brightly coloured elements combined with the overcast lighting; soft, almost misty edges and sparkles everywhere gives the whole thing a kind of fantasy/dream world look.

Kind of makes me think of an Alice in Wonderland kind of place, where rebellious young chickens offer up their flesh to you in cryptic riddles.


Anonymous said...

I think the picture, like all the rest, looks creepy, and it is poorly illustrated, not that I really condone this (I am a vegetarian, so I don't), but it's just really ugly artwork for lack of better words.

I despite how humans anthromorphosize everything and give human "qualities" to animals, especially the illustrations here depicting the very animal that the human will consume. They do the same with Disney films (which I also find creepy). I personally cannot stand animated fish that sound like little kids, or horses and dogs that sound like old men.

What is up with people?

Makes me question, every day, not only the intelligence, but the capacity for empathy that most people have.

Anonymous said...

I misspelled the word despise in my last comment.