Sunday, April 19, 2009

Squeal Bar-B-Q

"Squeal"? Who's squealing? "Snooze," maybe. "Grunt contentedly," sure. "Squeal" implies fright, but this pig is the very picture of relaxation.

You're familiar with the Happy Food phenomenon? That is the doozy where people believe a bunch of public relations nonsense about free-ranging, no-cage livestock. People feel better about selling and buying meat. Everyone wins. Well, all the two-legged, opposably thumbed animals win, at least.

Anyway, back to Snoozy. He is the ultimate Happy Food. Napping the day away in his deluxe Hammock Master 9000, he is happily dreaming even as the flames lick his sensitive skin. Ah, but that's all a part of it. The fires are stoked. The customers are lining up. All is right with the world. Snoozy will be dead inside five minutes, and he knows it.

He'll go up in smoke, a pioneer of a brand-new, hammock-centric barbecue technique. It's a revolution in pig-cooking, and he's in the center of the action! Is it any wonder he's so happy?

(Thanks to Dr. Lillis for the referral and photo.)


frank adam said...
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frank adam said...

Four nooses? Really? The pig looks like he is at peace with the situation. I think this is a 2 noose entry. There is no sex, overt pop culture references, incest, debauchery, children, guns, liquor, or homoeroticism. It's just a mother fuckin’ pig in a hammock. I give this 4 noose rating a rating of 1 noose

Becci said...

I kind of agree with frank adam...though, er, less angrily...?

This is offensive, but not moreso than most of the stuff on Suicide Food.

Totally agree with you on the absurdity of the "happy meat" crap, though.

Anonymous said...

I completely disagree, Adams. From it's very inception, Squeak BBQ has conjured up memories and frankly nightmares of the "Deliverance" sort...this logo reeks of sado/masochism that de Sade never conjured up in any of his writings! This is especially true given how alluring the ribs are and the pang of guilt and lust I am overcome with everytime I eat there.