Thursday, April 23, 2009

Suicide Trapping: a digression

We apologize for the size of this image.

Can you make out the words? "HELPING LITTLE TRAPPERS BECOME A BIG SUCCESS." And T4K? That stands for "traps 4 kids." Traps. For kids. To trap animals. Dead. Their goal: "To preserve the trapping heritage and help our youngsters and yours to get off on the right start and out into the great outdoors."

Now do you understand why the raccoon is smiling and waving?

Not only does he get to succumb to the trap and part with his bothersome pelt, but he gets to do it all for the children. What an example the animals set for us!

Though he be dead and skinless, his passage from the conflicted world of the living is greased by a good deed. For does he not contribute his one small, murdered portion toward the great enterprise of heritage preservation? What is preserving his own life compared to that? Don't we all long to contribute to something greater than ourselves?

It brings peace to a humble raccoon. After it brings him death, of course.


Bea Elliott said...

Oh no! This is absolutely sick - to turn children into monsters. Very sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

Man I wish they'd had that where I grew up!

Anonymous said...

This one is the worst (I mean, they're all heartless) but this one really got to me. I love animals, and I think a lot of it is because my father loved animals. I was raised to respect them and understand that their pain was just as real as mine (even more so, because I have many more options of making the pain go away if I need to). Encouraging children to TRAP animals. There should be a law.