Sunday, April 5, 2009

Harper's Hams & Gifts

This sassy sow wants to take us on a journey.

Begin with the bedrock desire of all suicide food: to be killed and eaten. Oh, humble pleasures! And oh—if only that's all she wanted!

How we wish the world were always so simple, so unconflicted, in its sickness.

But look! She's taking it further.

Look at the raised-hocks posture, the beckoning gleam in her eye. She wants more than death and dissolution. She wants to be violated and then killed and eaten. It's the epitome of amoral living, a pathological disconnection from integrity, from the honoring of the self.

And, really now: does it make you think of buying gifts for your grandparents?

(Thanks to Dr. Becci for the referral.)


frank adam said...

The strange thing here is that this sign is stating that pigs like it doggy style. That's one too many animals for me. Even as a kid, I hated pork. I wish bacon wasn't so awesome. It's like meat crack. It's my one secret sin. Bacon is like looking at "barely legal" internet porn, or "just stealing a few batteries." It's a little, fatty strip of evil. But damn if it ain't a little good.

Meadester said...

I am not at all bothered by most "Suicide Food" images but I have to agree that is disgusting. I wonder if the folks at Harper's realize that using that image amounts to promoting bestiality. Well, maybe they do. Considering the number of gay marriage opponents who say that "If marriage is no longer defined as between a man and a woman, we (cough! cough) I mean all those godless perverts out there will marry our (cough! cough) I mean their horses!"
PS Blogger allows the html "strike" tag in posts but not in comments. That's kind of lame.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how these images get recycled. I saw the same pig in Carol Adams' book, "The Sexual Politics of Meat," which was released in the early '90s.

munchy365 said...

This should have been 5 nooses.