Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kiss My Butts BBQ

Finally! This is just the kind of defiance and contempt for "polite society" we have sought—but failed to find—in other barbecue imagery. (Here, for instance.)

The sneer of the boar and the audacious wink of his lady—how breath-taking to see such an authentic expression of outsider culture. What bravado!

And it's subtle, but see how they're riding away from us, and not speeding toward us and their inevitable death?

"Kiss my butt," indeed! A pure distillation of attitude and...

Just a moment.

No, no, it's "Kiss my butts," not "butt." Butts, as in pork butts. Pig shoulders, that is. Items to be barbecued.

So much for sticking it to the The Man. Like all the other suicidal pigs, they're really just issuing an invitation to kill and devour them.

And another thing: The sow kissed her own backside? It seems impossible, but the garish red lipstick tells the tale.

1 comment:

Lauren said...

The kiss may be a tattoo!