Monday, October 22, 2007

All Smoked Up BBQ Catering

Pig hits the road with chicken perched in the bitch seat.

These two examples of the Accomplice Animal archetype are so obsessed with visions of their own consumption, they will even bring the means of their cooking to you!

Talk about "Born to be Wild!"

Forget fleeing from the deathly footsteps of the executioner. Forget facing the end like stoics. Forget the resignation of the condemned. These two treat the lonesome walk to the death chamber like it's a joy ride. Paradoxically, this is what they live for (if you can call it that). They will do anything to make eating them easier on you. If they could, they would cut themselves into Forkette™-sized chunks, so you wouldn't wear yourself out sawing through their tough flesh.

All of which makes these two the lamest rebels since this miserable pack of let-downs. Look at that bird, her wings spread out, a crazy grin on her beak. "Hey, everybody! The food's here!" And the pig just diggin' his old lady, diggin' the whole suicidal scene. How they sicken one.

Addendum: (Yes, it's more of Patrick's work.)


Anonymous said...

The chicken's "breasts" are even jiggling...

Ben said...

Indeed. The two jiggle lines do not lie.