Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Harold's Barbecue

We've seen this ploy before (for instance, here).

This is a variation on the Appeal to Authority. You are meant to be swayed by this pig merely because of his alleged standing or status. Take heed of his eyeglasses—the totemic indicators of his sterling mind. Gaze into those pools of reason, wellsprings of the dispassionate love of fact. Here is a priest of rationality. If a brainy pig, of all things, has concluded that eating dead pigs is good idea, well, maybe we should pay attention.

Indeed, Harold has achieved a high enough level of intellectual development that he is able to levitate above the flames. And yet he is still lunkheaded enough to shill for a barbecue place, beckoning tirelessly to motorists in Atlanta, Georgia, for these past 60 years.

Harold, climb down from there and use that brain of yours for something worthwhile! Or at least something in your own (or your customers') self-interest. This is accomplishing nothing.

Hey! Wait a second! If you're so smart, how come you're smoking a cigar?

(Source of photo.)


Eesh said...

I love your blog. It's spot on! I can't wait to see your post on Martha Stewart.

Ben said...

Well, stop by Friday!

(Unless I decide to post it early.)

Anonymous said...

Please also note the Harry Potter-style glasses. This is no ordinary pig. Nay. This is a wizard pig! What a beautiful deed he is doing by sacrificing himself for muggle kind. All pigs must be that happy and, in fact, upon seeing this poster makes me want to stop being vegan so I can further honour him and his joyful sacrifice. It's good to know that all these animals clearly want to be my friends. Eating them would be like giving their spirits a big hug. I honour thee, Harry Potter Pig!

Ben said...

An intriguing analysis! I applaud your insight.