Saturday, January 17, 2009

Love Shack BBQ

Another vision of the suicidefoodist's peaceable kingdom!

Down on the bayou, everyone finds a home. On this commune of carnivory, in this shack that love built, neither consumer nor consumed will be driven away.

Raccoons! Come and perch atop our gable.

Gators! Enjoy our homey swamp.

Cows! Bask in our boats.

Hound dogs! Laze the day away.

Busty women! Lean forward and kind of... press 'em together... Yeah, just like that. Now don't move.

Snakes! Um… Be… on our sign?

We will all enjoy barbecued meat of every pedigree! The "food" animals can count on getting killed and eaten in colorful Cajun fashion. Bonhomie reigns as the steaks grill and the ribs sizzle.

Laissez les bon temps roule, indeed! "Let the heads good times roll!"

The longer you linger, the more you discover! Like the chicken and the pig kicking up their heels! And the brassiere caught in the window! And the little, bald human trapped on the second story!

Yes—there's something for everyone!


Anonymous said...

That's not a cat on the gable, that's a raccoon.

Ben said...

Oops. Noted and corrected.

Mesiu said...

I think the cow is already dead. She has been put into the boat solely for cooling purposes.

darmok the green said...

Well, her tongue is sticking out to the side but you can't say conclusively that she's dead unless her eyes are replaced by X marks.

Ben said...

Darmok is right. That's just basic science.