Sunday, January 11, 2009

Revenge Food: a digression

So many times have we seen the ingratiating smile of the suicidal pig or cow. So many times have we seen the lie of the Willing Victim, the charade of the Complicit Animal! We have seen livestock sacrifice itself. And we have seen the darker side of suicidefoodism, contempt and ridicule stripped of all of society's nice disguises. We've seen these things so many times, we might forget there is a Third Way.

Beyond animals embracing their own destruction, and beyond the bloodlust of people no longer feigning delicacy, there is something else: a winking reversal of the conventional consumer/consumed roles. Humans are—hilariously—at the mercy of the animals. This, supposedly, lets us off the hook in a whole different, unpleasant way!

To sum up: We've seen suicide food. (Boy, have we!) We've seen murder food. Now it's time for revenge food.

For instance! This miniature human turning on the spit.

His griller is drawn from the permanent victim class, also known as "pigs," and he's truly happy at last. Finally a pig experiences the joy of inflicting pain instead of the pleasure of receiving it.

This bunch, representing Hillbilly Hog Roasters, reenacts a familiar human ritual. Standing around, casually sipping beers, they watch the meat sizzle and cook. Only here, it's a trussed-up man rotating over the flames.

Stick the pig in the cauldron, will you?

Turnabout is fair play!

Now. Be still while I get to stirring.

Isn't it wonderful how suicidefoodism offers up a world where everything—every proposition and its direct oppostite—is horrific?

The usual suspects are all here! And now it's their turn to toast the hilarious death of their oppressor.

Note the chicken giving a teasing wave good-bye to the humiliated fellow on the spit.

And here is the pinnacle of animalistic cruelty.

The pigs—spared from the barbecue—hold their sides in uncontained ecstasy. That dumb yokel is getting his, all right!

Hoof it back to the shack, Jethro, and fetch the watering hose! No, no, we'll just watch from here.


Sean said...

the hillbilly hog roasters image looks like something drawn by a grade-schooler

Desdemona said...

Well, goldurn it, them there carnivores wuz right: them critters will up and BBQ us if'n we don't eat 'em first!