Monday, January 19, 2009

Ricas Carnitas

The sign says it all:

These ricas carnitas are intended "for your parties." And what parties they must be!

Everyone lining up at the ol' Carnivore Punchbowl (as it's called) for a steaming mug of Pig Tea (as it's called) and a bite of Meat Rind (as it's called).

And speaking of festive times, doesn't this pig look to be the life of the party! The way he kind of… bobs there, hugging the side of the cauldron?

Those with more experience in the carnitas racket than us—and there must be millions of you out there—can explain the straw (?) sticking in the broth, and the smiling, chunky slices (of?) floating around the pig. Actually, no, that's okay. We don't sleep well as it is.

In conclusion: Sorry, we're busy that night. But we hope your party works out great!

(Thanks to Dr. Petr for the referral and the photo.)


Guy Smalley said...

Hi I am the cartoonist for the Love Shack BBQ I am impressed with the observations and finding the details I added in the drawing It is nice to hear feedback as I live so far in the MTs I had to used my family as inspiration for the logo!

Ben said...

Thanks for stopping by, Guy.

(Hey, everyone: this is the post Guy's referring to.)

xilo said...

Well I´m mexican and will explain
First it is not a broth it is actually filled with oil in which you fry the pieces of pig to make chicharrones which are hard prok rinds and carnitas which are soft fried rlesh and entrails of the pig.
Second the "straw" you see there is actually a big wooden spatula used to move the meat inside the frying oil and is about a meter and thirty centimeters tall and thicker than an axehandle but also made of hardwood.
oh and the cauldron could really fit a smallish pig inside

xilo said...

here I found a picture about the process
although I think it´s guatemala it´s still the same type of carnitas