Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Down in old Nicaragua, there's a happy little chick named Tito.

He gamely epitomizes the "flavor of the good times." Well then—no wonder he's so cheerful, standing there with his fork, a tined scepter powerful enough to capture the very essence of blessed moments and imbue chicken flesh with it!

He comes in more than one flavor himself!

When Tito's not emerging from his eggshell kitchen, cooking implements in hand, you just might find him in more sophisticated regalia.

In this guise, he is more than flavor. More then flavor? Can there be such a thing? What is greater than flavor?

Newly hatched as a debonair adult, no less—with a top hat and everything—this version of Tito is the very "chicken of his people!"

And if you think that's too great a responsibility for Tito's non-existent shoulders to bear, then maybe you don't know Tito as well as you thought!

Here—in addition to being the featured item on the menu—he neatly resolves the classic chicken-and-egg conundrum: Which came first? Why, they arrived at the same time!

Is that important enough for you?

Bonus! Other members of Tito's Tip-Top club in all their lavishly rendered glory: Choby, Guapollon, and Tita.

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