Thursday, November 6, 2008

Once Upon a Grill Private Catering

"Once upon a grill." And what a fairy tale it is!

It's one of the suicidefoodist's treasured dreams. The animals go beyond content, past complicit, and all the way to "fully invested." In fact, they make it their business to do the butchering, cooking, and (most magical of all) the dying!

Whether line-cook or server, the pigs who run the OUAT grill are satisfied with their lot in life. Such as it is.

Hacking up the family, grilling them, and finally preparing to jump in the fire: it's a tough life and the end of the shift finds you tired. But it's a good tired. An honest tired.

What began as a fairy tale—pigs doing all the work, elf-style, to keep the grill going—ends that way as well: And they all died happily ever after.

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Bea Elliott said...

"and they all died happily ever after"... how very sad - how very true.