Friday, November 14, 2008

Backwoods Aluminum Water Troughs

What magic dwells in these troughs that has the power to grant long life to the animals privileged to drink from them? What an enchantment!

Yes, cow, sing of the power! Warble into your bathbrush "microphone" and let the world know of your eternal vigor! Rise up from your deathly slumber, Juan Ponce de León, and look upon the marvel you sought so long!

Yea—for the very Fountain of Youth, storied giver of life, has been found!

How rare, how precious a thing, to find a company so devoted to the longevity of the animals it serves! How–

Pardon? How's that?

You say the long life the Backwoods Aluminum Water Troughs people are talking about is actually the long life of the, um… The water troughs? And that's what the cow is singing about?

Never mind.

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