Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bar-b-Que from the Heart

"From the heart," is right! This is barbecue straight from the very heart of life's longing for itself!

The procreative urge, the desire to experience and be experienced, to achieve an earthly immortality—this awesome force, this irresistible truth of existence, is funneled into the North Dakota barbecue championship.

The pigs are star-cross'd lovers destined to be consumed. Nevertheless, they meet and mate, and bring forth new appetizers pigs likewise destined for consumption! After which, the lovers blissfully succumb to the flames. Their offspring continue destiny's cycle.

This is the stuff of myth. The edible Phoenix! Prometheus chaining himself to the rock that his liver—liver, ribs, whatever—may be perpetually consumed, replenished, and reconsumed!


TechNald said...

haha. i'd love to eat the bar-b-que from the heart :)

Alex said...

Like a more obscene "Romeo and Juliet."