Tuesday, November 4, 2008

American Bar-B-Que & Catering

It's your day, America! No, not July Fourth. The other day. Election Day, that once-every-four-years opportunity to reassert our values, our character, the song of our hearts!

And what do we stand for?

Why, setting up "food" animals in red, white, and blue get-ups and then knocking them down!

Or, even better: Getting them to front our barbecue establishments!

The standard suicidal trio—Cow, Pig, and Chicken—is given the Yankee Doodle treatment as they offer their enthusiastic (if psychotic) endorsement of an America-themed business that would serve their flesh.

And no matter which candidate wins today, nothing can change that.

God bless America!

1 comment:

bazu said...

look at their ginormous black eyes!