Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Colorado Pork and Hops Challenge

We have seen such horrors lately, and expended so much vitriol, and felt so much anguish that we are now just worn out.

All we can muster for this obese beer-and-suicide enthusiast is pity.

We've seen his kind (as well as alcoholic pigs) before. He actually seems to believe that by dressing up like the creatures who would eat him—by eating of his own people—he will be spared.

Or perhaps not. Perhaps he's not trying to ingratiate himself to the humans, but instead has simply lost the drive to live. His smile a mask, his belt buckle an anchor, and his mug of beer his oracle, the pig is waiting for the end. This is his version—a tarnished and drunken version, to be sure—of dignity.

Addendum (4/09/08): This earlier image of the CP&H Challenge shows a shaky hog who needed a little liquid courage to carry on.

Addendum 2 (12/11/08): This cowboy gets around!

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