Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rachachuros Seasoning

We have been in the business of exposing and elucidating suicidefoodism for a long time now.

We have presented hundreds of mascots, logos, and cartoons.

We have steeled ourselves to the contempt so often expressed for animals.

We have made our way through the muck of animal-hatred, small mindedness, and poor taste.

We have dredged the swamp of sickness to uncover the truth.

We have seen it all.

Or so we thought.

Welcome to the bottom. This is the sewer of suicide food. We pray—tears streaming from eyes shut tight—that this is the worst we will ever see. Just a glance at this and our sanity trembles and teeters. This is an undeniable obscenity.

A duck—dead and plucked—entices us with (human!) bedroom eyes. The goal of her seduction: inflaming our appetites to the point where we cannot resist devouring her remains in a spasm of unquenchable sexual hunger.

"The temptation of taste," the ad copy reads. The triumph of debased tastelessness, is more like it.

These depictions of the duck, the pig, and the chicken are opposed to every tender feeling, to every noble intention. They establish a zenith of inhumanity, dedicating a decadent temple of perversion. They encourage adherents to worship their sacrifices and then violate them.

Please forgive us for bringing these pictures to your attention.

(Thanks to Dr. Liz for the referral.)

Addendum: If we were not a signatory to the charter of Outraged Commenters on Suicidefoodist Imagery, and thereby limited to a five-noose scale, we would award the erotic Rachachuros corpses a minimum of eight.

Addendum 2: The photos above are the worst, but not the first, horrendous advertising campaign perpetrated on behalf of Rachachuros Seasoning. The duck to the right is from a series of ads meant to illustrate just how delicious the product is: dead animals coated in it might wish to eat themselves! Another home run!


Sean said...

Holy mother of God.
Good to see HR Giger still getting work, at least.

vertigo said...

What the...??

What country are these from? I know they aren't from America...Americans prefer smiling cartoon animals and meat growing on trees.

Nicholas Bergus said...

These are not just dead and plucked; the browned skin indicates that these animals are cooked, too. These are disgusting.

The ad agency appears to be from Thailand.

Francois Tremblay said...

What do you expect from a place where they still have child slavery?

Katie said...

I am offended that you didn't use my SFW version.

Ben said...

Your "clean" version, while thoughtful (and artfully executed) only made a bad situation worse.

Billy said...

That is disturbing. Further evidence that our culture treats women and animals as commodities.

Another Ben said...

I think we have a winner...

bazu said...

is this for real?

Ben said...


Lise said...

Yeuch. I want to go outside and kiss every duck i see just to expunge that image. (Althogh since the ducks here are in a state of sexual frenzy right now, that might be a bad idea...)

Canaduck said...

This is one of the worst things I've ever seen, and that includes all the video footage and photography that caused me to go vegan in the first place. (And I've seen everything!)

Note: my CAPTCHA is "bedeak". If only it were "debeak" it would be perfect for the blog!

The Lazy Ethicist said...

See, dammit, I knew there was a link between my veganism and my feminism.

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant advertising! What a shame they did not use an alligator. Then they could have capitalized on the fact that an animal should be both tasty and fit impeccably well!

frank adam said...

That's fucking awful. Disgusting. What a shitty ad campaign. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

LoL @ the "Good to see H.R. Geiger is still getting some work" comment. This seems to be a bit more Clive Barker to me in my opinion though.

Anonymous said...

This ad campain is incredible! It makes me very hungry, AND aroused! Whoever did this is brilliant...also, you guys are all weirdo's for getting so worked up over this stuff.

Get a life.

Ben said...

You need to keep up. We posted this nearly 21 months ago. And since then, we did, in fact, get a life.

But then we lost it.

Carry on.

Anonymous said...

"You can't GRILL it till you KILL it." -Ted Nudget

What P.E.T.A really stand for:

People for Extertions Terrorism and Abuse.

Animals are NOT the same as people and even The Bible states God made animals for human consumption. Are you people really so arrogant to challenge the word of the Lord?

Anonymous said...

P.E.T.A is an acronym I deeply belive in and it stands for

People Eating Tasty Animals!

I know you poeple live in a fantasy world where all God's creatures should live together in peace and harmony. But we don't. Face the facts. How much less food would there be if everyone did not eat meat like you gutless lunatics? How is an animals life worth the same as a human being? Before you respond back with how much people kill other people and your anti-nazi comments ask yourself this: Did the greatest world leaders eat meat or were they vegeterian? Did eating meat make them any less? Reality called-answer the phone.

Ben said...

Mr. Anonymous, if we had a commenters Hall of Fame, you'd be in it, justly celebrated and revered! Write us any time!

mrmcgoo said...

I eat meat.
I eat yummy animals.
I love being a carnivore.
I belive animals are here for us to use.
Yes, the path to the slaughter should be paved, but people are, in fact, omnivores.
But this is just SICK. Anthropomorphising DEAD animals and giving them a concious after they're cooked is just wrong.