Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chicken on the Run

You're familiar, perhaps, with the uplifting 2000 movie "Chicken Run" from Aardman Animations?

Where a ragtag band of never-say-die chickens plot their escape from the Tweedy farm before they can be turned into chicken pies? And we're forced to confront the truth that the chickens' drive to live mirrors our own? That their comical ingenuity reflects a deeper unity of life?

Yeah, that's not what this is.

No, appearances to the contrary, this chicken on the run embraces the system that enslaves him, attempting to lend an air of legitimacy to the operation.

He doesn't run from the chicken-killers. He runs for them, to serve up your order while it's still hot. That's the only thing that drives this numskull.

Note that this "ain't just chicken." No, it would seem that Chicken on the Run also serves… What are those? Baseball mitts? Pan pipes? Ostrich feet?

Hold the phone. We think those might be… Are they? They're supposed to be pig ribs. Good luck with that, Chicken on the Run chicken.

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