Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Piggy's Restaurant

In the endless suicidefoodist "arms race," we've seen it all: cute animals, tough animals, insane animals, stupid animals, complicit animals, surrogate animals, and animals clothed in the garb of prestige. And while we've also seen animals purported to have controlling interests in the establishments they represent (My Daughter's Place Steakhouse might belong on this list), this might be the first time we've seen the "food" animal presented as the actual namesake and owner.

Which brings us to Piggy's. How to explain this? Pig with an abiding love of the hospitality industry or shrewd attempt to neutralize criticism?

Whatever goes on here, make no mistake: Piggy's in charge. (We think he's the one in the middle. And, by the way, we like to call the trio Ham, Scrapple, and Pork.) It's his place. His name is on the sign. And Piggy knows which side his bread is buttered on. If pigs have to die to fill the tables, if he has to die to fill the tables, bring it on!

Addendum: It's not just ham, bacon, and pulled pork, either. It's also T-shirts!


Sean said...

the hell's going on with Piggy's (?) outfit on that t-shirt?!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering - have you seen the new Eggland Egg commercial for those fake egg things? It starts with the guy stocking the shelves with them, then he turns around and sees some chickens have stolen them. It talks about how "these mother hens think these eggs are real!" Well, that's all well and good...but as they're running away with the eggs in a cart, they pass a rotisserie with cooking chickens, which the camera zooms in on briefly.

I just thought that was in poor taste.