Friday, March 21, 2008

Sprayberry's Barbecue

Oh, dear lord.

Do you see what the good folks at Sprayberry's have done here? Can you—sane reader—conceive of a more inappropriate illustration to accompany the "baby back ribs" section of a menu? Could there be a more inappropriate illustration? If you can imagine one, please, in the name of all that is decent, please keep it to yourself.

Here, a diapered infant pig—how like a human infant he is drawn!—is meant to whet your appetite for "baby" back ribs. This is a horror of the rankest sort. To suggest that infanticide is now acceptable suicidefoodist iconography!

Understand, our objection to this is different from our objection to veal. Yes, when veal is on the menu, it is juvenile animals who are consumed. Their short lives are pledged to the service of the uncaring masses. But Sprayberry's little babyberry is not a "juvenile." He is depicted as an actual baby, with a rattle and everything! We are surprised that Sprayberry's did not give him a name and let him further personify (and degrade) the sacrosanct institution of babyhood!

Bonus information: Babyberry also appears on the children's menu. "May we start you kiddies off with a baby much like yourself, a baby who likewise sees the world through the clear eyes of innocence? Who yearns to discover the world and whose playful nature captivates all who meet him? Wonderful! And to drink?"


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I live in Newnan, GA, home of Sprayberrys! I've often thought the same thing about their sign saying "pig out" and showing a happy pig. THis is hilarious and made my day!! (and there food isn't even that good anyway)