Sunday, February 4, 2007

Dark and secret are the ways of this world. In a brighter, more welcoming world, such a picture, and its source, would surely not exist. But in this single harmless—even cheerful—image, a grim way of life is contained.

First, there is the flagrant indoctrination: children taught to believe that animals embrace their own extermination. This little piggy is shown in mid-scamper, an expression of delight on his face. He is clearly in love with the world. If a happy chap like this can endorse the status quo, then the status quo is good and just. Believe, children, believe.

Beyond this statement—blatant to an adult mind—is a subtler suggestion:

Pig = Pork. “Pork Links” the image says, not “Pig Links.” (Yes, yes, "pork links" means sausage. This "humor" only underscores the message.)

Believe, children: That capering scamp is only so much meat awaiting its eventual liberation.

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