Saturday, February 17, 2007

Texas Brothers Barbeque

In this 140 x 138 image, we find the entirety of the suicide food aesthetic. Two cowpokes—the Texas Brothers website identifies them as Harvey and Butch—flank a boiling cauldron and its bovine occupant. True, the cauldron is not a common element in these by-now-familiar scenes, but this scenario is nevertheless comforting in its familiarity.

Harvey and Butch appear to be not ranchers so much as sadists: Harvey (or is it Butch?) tests the sharpness of his knife, all the while leering at the steer in the pot. Meanwhile Butch (maybe) can't even wait until the poor beast is dead to start seasoning him. (If desperados like these are indeed the backbone of the West, we have a case of psychological scoliosis on our hands.)

Of course, true to the essence of suicidefoodism, the steer is here to make it all better. His tiresome message? "Those two aren't slavering sickos! I want to be eaten! See? I'm even tasting my own broth! (I could use more salt, Butch.) So pull up a stool and start eating!"

If, as the good citizens of BBQ Nation continually trumpet, they believe that the Lord put creatures like this one on earth for us to butcher and eat (and, sure, to taunt and terrorize), why the unending cavalcade of soon-to-be-devoured animals assuring us that all is well, that they have no objections to what you're considering? That, in fact, they'd be downright offended if you didn't at least have a bite? Quite a puzzle.

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