Friday, February 9, 2007

Fat Daddy's Southern Bar-B-Q

“Yes! Join us! Join us!”

These perpetually grinning cultists are inviting you. Life is good at Fat Daddy’s. Have you ever seen a pig so happy, a chicken so tickled, a cow so gosh-darned pleased? See the bliss on their faces! The truth has set their souls free. Their bodies will soon follow.

From the looks of it, Fat Daddy’s might well be located in Jonestown. (Attention, sticklers: It's actually in far-eastern Pennsylvania.) Join your new friends—these soon-to-be, shall we say, "released" creatures—in the dining room. Finally, you feel at home. Your parents never understood. Their religion failed you. Money woes have hounded you your adult life. But here! Here at Fat Daddy's you can find a new family. A real family. At last, someone understands.

The new Trinity—Cow, Pig, and Chicken—are calling. Answer. Join them in the kitchen. All of your troubles will be over, as soon as you are rubbed, seasoned, glazed, and roasted.

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