Saturday, February 24, 2007

Randolph County (WV) Fishing Derby

The Fishing Fish—an exceedingly common, but previously unremarked-upon, symbolism. In this case, the fish's distinct amphibious quality should probably be chalked up to poor draftsmanship, not to any broadening of the message.

While some might argue that this represents not so much a death wish as cannibalism, this much is certain: The fish is engaged in an act of pescicide, and his expression surely reflects resignation more than horror. Those world-weary eyes! His glance is a veritable shrug.

He was not coerced into angling, no! He declares that he would rather be hooked on fishing than on drugs. Indeed, stabbing your kinsmen with a barbed hook for sport and then hauling them up into the suffocating air—or even being caught on a hook yourself, to wriggle your way to death—is hardly the worst fate.

Say it loud and say it proud! HOFNOD!

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Mikko said...

Well, in this case I have to point out that fish are not a species (not even a clade), so this doesn't count as cannibalism. Humans eat other mammals, right?