Monday, February 28, 2011


This equipment is used for chasing predators away, thus safeguarding livestock.

Now, we would be ghouls if we refused to acknowledge that non-lethal means of dealing with predators and protecting prey are better than the alternative. Surely scaring off foxes and wild dogs with a bunch of lights beats poisoning, shooting, and trapping them.

And yet.

The freedom the livestock enjoy—the liberty—is the freedom to remain someone else's property, to be kept from harm until the time is right.

Of course, we're not surprised that, like poultry we looked at long ago, they would rather not be carried off in one set or other of slavering jaws.

But their gratitude feels a little… off. It's like being grateful for shag carpeting in your cell. It keeps the chill away and comforts your shackled feet, but wouldn't parole feel even sweeter? Cold comfort might be better than no comfort at all. Granted. But wouldn't you imagine that animals would aim a little higher? That they would reserve the Lady Liberty get-up for something that came closer to the real thing?

In Suicidefoodland, the animals think a little differently. A little strangely. They have long contented themselves with small blessings.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hog's Breath Cafe

Don't let the Mr. Cool shades or the no-nonsense tusks fool you; this hog is so meek he squeaks. Combining the self-effacement of a fine English butler with the self-loathing of a good ol' pig from the States, he redefines obsequious for a new generation yearning for less to believe in.

Here, clasping his hands in barely suppressed delight, he welcomes you to the establishment that bears his (or, well, his breath's) name.

He's just so happy to have you. Be had by you. Whatever. Either way, acting as your servile host is his deepest pleasure, that which allows him to fulfill his destiny. Like others of his kind, he was born to die.

He is a paradox, though a familiar one, to be sure. In denying himself, he claims himself. By erasing his own identity and proclaiming his subservience, he is clarified and raised up.

And if unctuous hog'spitality can intensify his suffering, then bring it on.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

13th Annual Art of BBQ

Looming over Tulsa's Oneok Field, home of the Tulsa Drillers—AA minor league team of the Colorado Rockies organization—Hornsby the blue bull fills the sky like a god of wrath!

His rage is the thunder, his bloodlust the lightning! He will smite all those who have stood against him, swatting them with his iron… spatula…

No, hang on.

Just a sec.

Okay, no, he's not actually smiting anyone. He's just welcoming them to the 13th annual Art of BBQ festival. Which he doesn't seem to have much of a problem with. Even though a number of cows will surely be eaten. And even though he himself might wind up on the menu.

Like other so-called Submissive Dominants (such as this one and this one), Hornsby is only too happy to help the puny humans any way he can.

His is a benevolent dominion. Self-sacrificing to the utmost.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Franks & Toppings

Salmon: We're on, guys! We're on!

Cow: Hello!

Chicken: Welcome! We're the Franks & Toppings Boys, and we're happy you could come!

Salmon: And we're happy to bring you the Franks & Toppings message! Isn't that right, Chicken?

Chicken: You know it, Salmon! Franks & Toppings provides such a wonderful service to the folks in southeast Texas. It's a privilege to die, knowing we're so delicious—

Cow: Privilege to what?

Chicken: —and organic!

Cow: It's a privilege to what?

Salmon: You're stepping on his line again.

Cow: I know, I know, but did he say it's a privilege to die?!

Salmon: It is a privilege to die! That's why I hired someone to help me into this tux.

Chicken: Look, can I keep going?

Salmon: Keep going.

Cow: What's happening?

Chicken: That's right, Cow. We are lucky to die for such fine fare!

Cow: I didn't say that!

Chicken: Frankfurters, burgers, grilled salmon sandwiches, and more!

Cow: I never said that!

Salmon: And because it's organic, you can feel good about eating us.

Cow: You're sick.

Chicken: Good question, Cow. Yes, the talented cooks at Franks & Toppings will make your flesh even tastier with a wholesome selection of fresh toppings!

Cow: (sobbing)

Salmon: Get hold of yourself! Say the thing about grass-fed beef.

Cow: About…?

Salmon: Grass-fed beef! Like the picture!

Cow: Where the hell did you get that? I didn't pose for that! What the hell's going on?

Chicken: Ha ha! Good one, Cow. They should listen to our jingle!

Salmon: That'll get your toe tapping!

Cow: (teeth chatter)

Chicken: And your mouth watering!

Cow: Oh god oh god oh god.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stew Leonard's Naked Turkey

We've seen it before, the "food" animal troubled more by being seen naked than by his impending death.

Still, we're confused when we come face-to-face with such disordered thinking. "This is what you're worried about?" we want to scream. The turkey's flushed cheeks, ripe with embarrassment, sum up everything that's wrong with suicide food. Clutching the barrel that masks his nudity, he spares not a thought to what is about to happen to him.

And maybe the blushing is a statement of a more generalized humility. All that "as served at the White House" business. It's like any fuss made on his behalf (while he's living) is just too much. It goes right to his head and he protests meekly. (No surprise there. Everything the bird does is meek.)

Either way, this is some poultry with messed-up priorities.

1. Get some dang clothes.
2. Let the fellas know that my family and me are nothing special.
3. Vacuum.
4. Get those bills taken care of.
5. Oil change.
6. Clean out the mud room.
7. Return the netflix.
8. Fix the toilet.
9. Call Gramma.
10. Avoid getting killed.

(Thanks to Dr. Trent for the referral.)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Loin Ranger Bar-B-Cue Company

Like some kind of unsettling worst-of-both-worlds mixture of this bovine lawman and these sell-out superheroes, the Loin Ranger patrols the West for wrongs to right.

Unfortunately, the injustices he aims to challenge are confined to matters involving substandard barbecue. In short, he wants to make sure you're eating his fellow pigs properly. And when all is finally peaceful across the land, when all the pigs are well and gently cooked at last, he will fire off a few celebratory rounds of his sauce-loaded sixgun and dismount right onto a grill.

"Who was that masked pig?" a bewildered townsperson asks. "Don't know," answers his companion. "But he left us this recipe."

It's a tough time for those who need a champion.

Addendum: The panel originally awarded this two nooses. But after an appeal, they tacked on a third for egregious punning.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

San Valentino Porcellino

Happily the pig lays down his life to further the cause of romance. And why not? History has taught us that the animals will die for us at a moment's notice, to satisfy any whim. To furnish our snacks and adorn our celebrations, they lie down in droves. And this isn't the first time we've seen them sacrifice themselves for our romantic benefit.

To ensure the love affair gathers steam, the pig bares his belly for Cupid's meddlesome arrow. Punctured, he finds his life's purpose at last, as his pooling blood forms the backdrop for a charming tryst.

Pigs find their greatest joy when they are used to ignite the kindling of our love lives. Correction: their second-greatest joy. The greatest comes at the moment when they are consumed.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Bacon Valentine

On this day when we bare our hearts, we see the central theme of suicidefoodism laid bare. Namely, that the animals want to serve us so ardently, they will do anything we ask—anything! They experience their most flushed flushing, their most thrilling thrills when we ask them to do for us the one thing we'd never think to do for them: die.

Take this peculiarly (almost wickedly) smitten pig. In exchange for the love of a boy, he will surrender to the caresses of the cleaver.

But the boy is put off by the pig's aggressive affection. The boy might not even want the pig's flayed carcass, hard as that is to believe. The pig's profession of love is frightening, too weighty for the boy's innocent shoulders to carry.

In his fixation, his lusty drive to be killed and eaten, the pig persists. Whose wish will prevail? The boy's, to carry on as before, blameless and unknowing? Or the pig's, to die horribly, his repugnant love finally requited? Thankfully, the valentine leaves the outcome to our imaginations.

(Enjoy our previous celebrations of meaty love, from 2008, 2009, and 2010.)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

She Thinks My Slabs Are Sexy

No, we don't know who "she" is who thinks his, um, slabs are sexy. Does it matter? The pig takes pride in his ribs as edible objects, and whether he imagines a potential mate or consumer relishing his ribs hardly seems to matter. And this, of course, presupposes that his lover and consumer are different people. Alas, we have learned to our endless regret that the two categories—predator and paramour—need not be mutually exclusive.

So. Fine. Whatever.

The pig is impressing his lover-eater. It's really the central theme of suicidefoodism, played out in the form of a blue collar pig with well-defined anatomy.

His masculinity, his fitness as a sexual partner, and his ultimate purpose as a commodity—all are achieved simultaneously. He is a stud! He is a virile foodstuff! He is all things to all people! Or at least to all people who want to eat him.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sexy Chicken's Firehouse

Are you all right? Do you need a glass of water? Maybe you should just… Yes, yes, have a seat. It's true—this is a lot to take in.

Just when you're over the cook-me pumps, you get to the hot pants. As soon as you clear that hurdle, you're faced with the giant chicken breast. Make it past that, and it's the basket of tiny (baby?) chicken parts. And you're still south of the neck! This thing is a whole project! It could be hours before you're through all of it. But we wouldn't recommend dwelling on it that long.

We would suggest limiting your visit to Suicidefood City. With sexy chickens staffing the firehouse, we cannot vouch for the place's safety. Leaning provocatively against the trucks, will they attend to the alarms?

The real question, which we can no longer ignore: Do they look at fires as opportunities for "career advancement," which, to sexy chickens, means "getting cooked and eaten"?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Butt Lovers BBQ

Sex sells. We get it. What we don't get—what we still can't ram through our stupid, thick, rational skulls!—is why the sex they're selling is sex with, you know, animals. That you're supposed to eat. After you have sex with them.

It's not just us. It can't be. Growing up, we didn't know anyone with fantasies like this. Certainly not fantasies they cared to broadcast.

But in the world of the barbekooks, this predeliction rates as high as the dream of dallying with supermodels. It's a common trope, this desire to get it on with one's supper and make it to fifth base. That's the one that features knives and forks.

Addendum: That apostrophe really bothers us too.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Rockin' Chicken

Have we finally reached it? After all the fakes, the has-beens, the wannabes, and the never-gonna-bes, have we finally found the true spirit of poultry-based rock-n-roll?

We've been around a while, you know. We've seen 'em come and we've seen 'em go. Fowl with big dreams and little else. But now! Now we might have found what we've been looking for all these years: a bird who can show us what freedom and rebellion are all about!

The Rockin' Chicken hits that stage and takes over.

He's got the look. (The way his comb turns into those sideburn things!) He's got attitude to burn. He drips with cool. This guy, he just doesn't care! He's looking out for number one and if you don't like it? You can kiss his ass!

And when you're done kissing his ass, you can wrench his wings off and fry 'em up! Oh, you want more? Well, how about carving out his, um, tenders, breading 'em, and shoving 'em in the oven?

How's that for rock-n-roll? Par-ty!

The Rockin' Chicken just isn't gonna play by your rules. He's a sleep-all-day, play-all-night, get-killed-and-eaten-when-you're-good-and-ready kind of guy.