Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hottest Chick -n- Wing Festival

A punk-pixie rocker chick chick. Motorcycles. The silhouettes of speedboats and circus tents. Fireworks and a flammable font! This festival's got it all!

And that includes the irresistible urge to cast a "food" animal in the role of a sexy chickie who's just asking for it. She plays for the crowd, gets them all revved up, and then it's a quick trip backstage for wing removal.

The questions ever gnaw at us, prick us, disturb our digestion, and interrupt our sleep: Why do they do this?

If they want to remind visitors of the "delicious" "food" in store, why not show pictures of it? Why must the main course be costumed in the guise of a living, breathing, consenting, rocking creature? Does this make the meal go down easier? Why is this shorthand—happy animal acting as the humans do—necessary?

And why are rebellious mediums (motorcycle culture, rock 'n' roll) so often used as the backdrop for this particularly virulent subservience?

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Dennis said...

A lot of comercial advertise their products this way, to hype the thought of the "meal", the meal being chicken, give the chicken a more human appearance, a guitar, flashy background, and right after the consumer views the sign, they most likely feel better about devouring the lil creature, knowing that she had the time of her life before she got the cold axe...