Monday, August 18, 2008

WPLR's Eat the Meat II

They will advertise their palatability. They will debase themselves by singing jingles. They will cajole you, coax you, dare you. We have seen all of these ploys and more. The suicidal animals of the world have a bristling arsenal of techniques for attaining their own grisly deaths and dismemberments.

And then there's Uncle Chicken here, the third personality of the raucous Chaz and AJ show.

This ambitious "food" animal has taken to the airwaves to broadcast his depraved philosophy of self-negation. More than that, he has embarked on a career to spread his message! (This is the second Eat the Meat wing eating competition, after all.)

We can only assume that buses in the greater Milford (Connecticut) area sport ads showing Uncle Chicken in a red-white-and-blue top hat, finger pointed right at the viewer, above the legend "I want you! To tear my wings off! And eat them! For fun!"

Do not be fooled by Uncle Chicken's tidy appearance—the blazer, the bow-tie, the cuff links. Look deeper. All the way to his rotten core.

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