Sunday, August 24, 2008

Burger King Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp

Warning: The following discussion could lead to brain damage.

A certain recent advertisement has the power to send impotent rationality back to its hated realm.

Shocking disclosure: The ad is for a Burger King product.

Who would have thought Burger King, of all animal-adoring institutions, would inspire a degenerate advertisement?

The commercial in question is a shrine dedicated to debasement. Hogs scampering smilingly onto the killing floor? Chickens volunteering for target practice? Steers enamored of their own enslavement? Ho-hum. What commonplace perversion. We have opened files on hundreds of those animals.

No, Burger King gives us a real pro, a true believer, a hard-core devotee of the suicidefoodist movement. On to the commercial:

A nebbishy nobody enjoys a burger in his car at the local Makeout Point. He is alone. This is merely the first horrific detail. (Does he love his sandwich? You know, love love it? Sexually?) Before we can ponder that for too long, a cow appears in the headlights. The man is nervous. The cow is an avenging spirit, sent to cast the cow-eater into fiery torment for his vicious crimes against—

No. She's there because she's… jealous. The man has betrayed her trust by having sex with eating the meat of another. Yes, the cow's rage is the rage of the jilted lover. Hell hath no fury like a woman cow scorned uneaten. Aglow with righteousness, she exacts vengeance by ramming the man's car—with him in it—over a cliff.

To make sure you get the right message, the announcer intones: "Chicken so good, you'll cheat on beef."

This is the vilest conflation of sex and violence we have ever seen. There's nothing for us to do now but vomit.

(Thanks to Drs. Jared and Mary for the referral.)


enviro said...

"How dare you not kill me, grind me into unrecognizable mush and then eat me! Have you no soul! Stick a knife in me, dammit!"

Is this how meat lovers really think? I haven't been one in so long, I'd really like to know.

giselle said...

Most of us don't.... but I wonder at advertising executives and the corporate jerks who approve the logos and ads.

Bea Elliott said...

Another brilliant review and dissection of the animal/meat industry's propaganda! "Cheat on beef" indeed! Nothing like trading one piece of carcass for another.Right?
Ben - thanks for your witty perspectives! Always enjoyed!

Canaduck said...

There's a new version of this commercial where (I think) the guy is supposed to be in a hotel room, "cheating" on beef. Once again the cow is very upset about not getting eaten and comes to enact revenge.

Robert Dole said...

Yeah and it's not even that good.

Dennis said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

I loved this commercial and was truly sad when the sandwich sucked. It's okay beef, I'm back, I won't stray again.

Anonymous said...

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Ben said...

Breath-taking! I think the last line sums it up. What it sums up, exactly, we have no idea.