Friday, August 22, 2008

Porkin in the Park

The innocent joys of young love!

Yes, these youthful sweethearts—the boyish boar and the shy sow—remind us of simpler times. Of rustic swings and first kisses. Of the early glimmerings of romance, when—

Wait a minute!

Porkin' in the park?

Just what is going on here?! Why must the meat-feeders continually do this—confuse sex and violence, all while dredging up the most untoward imagery and associations?

This image is a signpost at the intersection of the carnal and the, well… the carnal. Lust (park-based fornication) and butchery reimagined as a single, amoral force. This is the world the suicidefoodists bequeath to us: a world of power, subjugation, and spicy sauce. Sex is death, death is sex, and when we kill pigs, they have the time of their lives!

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Anonymous said...

I think that a pretty cool logo....just sayin.....