Saturday, August 30, 2008

Smokin' Pigs BBQ Team

A more troubling abuse of power we have not seen in a long while. These two good ol' boys (of the pig persuasion) flout traffic laws for what is distinctly personal business. They flash their tin stars, turn on the gumball machine, and make everyone get out of the way.

Their "emergency"? They're late to a funeral: their own. It's like cashing in your life insurance while you've still got time to enjoy the money. Such dedication to the art of dying!

And what of the dog? It is a curious phenomenon. Humanoid pigs (they wear clothes, they drive cars, they have jobs—yet they will nevertheless be eaten) have a regular animal animal for a pet. The dog in the bed of the pickup is just a dog. His tongue lolls as he enjoys the simple beastly pleasures of riding into the wind.

And may we point out the howls of protest that would ensue were a vegetarian outfit to equate law enforcement officers with pigs?


Anonymous said...

Notice the Confederate flag on the vehicle.

Gives the term "racist pig" a whole new meaning.

Mike said...

I've thought about the dog. More than I probably should have.

Here's my theory:

This logo is for a two-man team and that they do in fact have a dog they take to BBQ competitions. Perhaps they're also cops and do really drive a truck. The pigs represent them and everything else is literal.

This is the only way my universe makes any sense.