Thursday, August 14, 2008

Special Report: Pig Logo Exposé 5

The march of derivative pig cartoons—relentless as the tide—waits for no one.

While we fritter away our time with new offenses in suicidefoodism's war with rationality, copycat logos accrete, building themselves into a bulwark from which other battles are waged.

After four installments of this series (here, here, here, and here), we return with Pig Logo Exposé 5.

(Left to right, by row: Independence Brew-B-Q, Archie McPhee bacon-themed novelty merchandise, Pig Daddy's BBQ, Ribs Royale, Safeway's National Capital BBQ Battle, Walking Taco.)

What a bizarre mishmash of images! We always knew the pig was the Universal Victim, but here his range is displayed to stunning effect!

Beer-hoisting Everyman, backyard host (with and without hat), gleaming dandy, king burning alive on his own funeral pyre, and (wait for it) Alpine glad-hander complete with lederhosen!

Such versatility! And never forget: Whatever form he takes, whatever social station he assumes, he is always and ever here to be eaten. It is his calling.

Some things remain, hallmarks of the pig to be known from this moment forth as Hiya: semicircular snout-disc, vertical nostrils, hair at the base of the ears, enormous, bulging, smiling cheek.

Please inform us if you encounter additional sightings of Hiya.

(Thanks to Dr. Squeakyrat for the Ribs Royale photo and to Dr. assclown for the Walking Taco photo.)

Addendum (3/01/09): Hiya's back in his seventh appearance, this one for the Lakeland (Florida) Pig Festival.

Addendum 2 (3/07/09): Number 8. But note that Hiya is shilling for an event that happened nearly five years ago. Could this be his earliest appearance?

Addendum 3 (4/19/09): The most lavish rendition of Hiya yet! (Boston Hills BBQ Fest.)

Addendum 4 (1/04/11): Hiya's got a new pair of lederhosen! He's never looked more stricken striking as he represents the Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market of Princeton, New Jersey! (Thanks to Dr. Allegra for the referral.)

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