Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mr. Squid

Greetings to Ocean Park, Hong Kong tourism visits!

Proceed to enjoyment, enjoyment with squid legs!

I don't mind! Believe me!

My pleasure resides in supplying of my very legs! Legs in cup!

Flavor of my squid legs will tickle oneself and your spirit!

My wink is the guarantee of tastefulness!

Put down the leg of the chicken!

Discard sliced pizza!

Forbid the hamburger's sandwich!

Even softdrink are not meant for you!

Squid legs are romance of the oceans!

I have many! Many squid legs for you! My squid legs are prodigious!

Place them in the provided cup and eat, eat, eat!

Experience the eating of my legs! They are teared off and put in cups!

I don't mind! You believe me!

Life is crazy insane hell.

I want dead!

(Thanks to Dr. Drew for the referral and the photo.)


Anonymous said...

Hahah "I want dead!"

Anonymous said...

Aww, come on. Did the octopus's words have to be in Engrish?

Aww, come on, guys.