Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sexy Chicken's Firehouse

Are you all right? Do you need a glass of water? Maybe you should just… Yes, yes, have a seat. It's true—this is a lot to take in.

Just when you're over the cook-me pumps, you get to the hot pants. As soon as you clear that hurdle, you're faced with the giant chicken breast. Make it past that, and it's the basket of tiny (baby?) chicken parts. And you're still south of the neck! This thing is a whole project! It could be hours before you're through all of it. But we wouldn't recommend dwelling on it that long.

We would suggest limiting your visit to Suicidefood City. With sexy chickens staffing the firehouse, we cannot vouch for the place's safety. Leaning provocatively against the trucks, will they attend to the alarms?

The real question, which we can no longer ignore: Do they look at fires as opportunities for "career advancement," which, to sexy chickens, means "getting cooked and eaten"?


Timothy G. said...

It's better to be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and erase all doubt. Do your homework dude. Sexy Chicken rocks!

What trucks are you talking about? What does that have to do with quality healthy food? Have you ever been there before? Were you drinking when u wrote this? The owner is hot! Hence "sexy chicken."

This one goes in the books for the your team dummy!

Tim G.

Big M said...

"Suicide food" should be defined as a web-site for idiotic fools in which belive criticism over a persons belief, is a answer to thier shallow destiny of trying to recruit more fools to make total jerks of themselfs. "Suicide foods" is a mislead site that belives eating lettuce 3 times a day is a satifaction to cuisine food, and in there pathetic story they have forgotton one major item, Sexy Chicken is cuisine food, with a delicious taste in makes one come back for more, and more. My suggestion for the web-site, live life to its fullest and enjoy some great food, Sexy Chicken is the Best.