Friday, November 13, 2009

Smokin in the Oaks

An exciting twist on the standard barbecue battle! Here, we see a mating ritual re-imagined: the pig awaits with gleeful dread the winner of the contest, for that is the man who will cook and eat him. (Her?)

It's knowing that he (she?) is the prize, the conquest—that's the thing. The knowledge that you've been selected to die and be eaten is the strongest aphrodisiac. Well, for depraved "food" animals.

Of course, the pig has given himself (herself?) a head-start and already languishes in the flames.

Are we alone in detecting some queasy sexual overtones? The men competing for the right to have their way with the porcine prize? The "mounted shooting"? It's probably just us. Our avocation has thrown reason into ruins.


John V. said...

While it does look like the two guys are "fighting over" the pig in an inappropriately suggestive way, reading this website for the past year or so has shown me that if an advert wants to sexualise meat it makes it *really obvious.*

dan said...

dear john,
please eat a steak and stop talking.