Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mo's Smokehouse BBQ

And the meat people say that vegans have a poor understanding of the realities of animal agriculture!

Out of touch, are they? Living in a dream world, are they?

As the meat enthusiasts tell it, miniaturized pigs use large-model pigs as a means of conveyance. Or maybe we are meant to understand that mother pigs deliver up their edible offspring, bearing them on their backs like hairless, rooting possums.

We're ignoring the grinning pig on the right side. He's the same fantastical creature so common in the Barbecue Bestiary. We've seen him hundreds—thousands—of times before. He's the foremost symbol of the Suicidefoodist Movement.

It's the Automatic Pig Delivery System we're interested in. That's the latest twist on the range of self-preparing pigs we know so well. Fulfilling their role as a sort of hyperfood, they do more than regular-old food. They do all the heavy lifting, from delivery to dying. It's a full-service operation, and it runs on the hard work of our tireless victims!

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