Sunday, November 15, 2009

Suicide Snacks: quickies 6

As our schedule demands, we allow ourselves a little breather with these brief discursions.

(And as your schedule permits, please review the previous installment of the series.)

Have you forgotten that even worms enjoy dying? No form of life is so humble that it can remain unmoved at the thought of its eventual, meaningless death!

Far be it from us to claim that a pig derives her worth from her capacity to charm humans and fill them with lusty fervor, but Sweet Mama doesn't exactly… Well, she's not the typical barbecue floozy. She is possibly a boar in drag.

Second thoughts or a simple case of stage fright?

Over the years, we have seen some unappealing appeals, but this is the least enticing enticement we can remember.

Addendum (4/19/10): It's our stage fright pig, here on fire and representing a firehouse cook-off in Louisville.


dves said...

wow! a worm in can? great huh!

Desdemona said...

"Smell my butts?" Seriously? WTF?

dpiddy022 said...

this is by far the funniest website evar! I can't believe that anyone would devote so much time to being opposed to eating meat. Having said that, I admire the conviction, even if I think it's a bit misplaced.

Ben said...

We're glad you're enjoying yourself. That said, you need to get out more.

dpiddy022 said...

I get out plenty, lots of BBQ restaurants (J/K, well kinda) I only check this out about once a month, got it plugged into my Google Reader (so useful!)

Anonymous said...

Hi. Well done for this brilliant website. You're doing a brilliant job at Vegan education.
I'd just like to ask you to consider removing one word. You say "even" worms. I think it would be much better without the word "even". I make this suggestion in accordance with Joan Dunayer's brilliant book ANIMAL EQUALITY: Language and Liberation. You have created one of my absolute favourite websites. Thankyou and well done to you, and to everyone who makes meaningful contributions to it.X :o)