Thursday, November 5, 2009

Tennessee Heritage BBQ Festival

If it weren't so creepy, it would almost be cute. This precious pig actually thinks he's celebrating his heritage! (There was also once a Scottish pig laboring under a similar delusion.)

He's got the coonskin cap, just like a native Tennessean. Or… isn't that, like, Kentucky? Either way, he thinks he's one of them. And like other animals desperately trying to belong, to be accepted by the humans who have only ever wished them ill, he'll go to any lengths to fit in.

"What's that, fellas? Stand closer to the grill? Okay, but it's kinda hot where I am already. No, no, sure, sure. How's this? Come again? Even closer? Um… Okay. (Ouch!) Is this good? Is this heritagey enough? No? Okay, but I think… I think I'm starting to cook! Guys? I'm cooking! (Ouch!) Come on, guys—I'm from Tennessee!"


Kimberly said...

What does his apron say?

Ben said...

Our best guess is "Sam Davis Home," in honor of Sam Davis, the Boy Hero of the Confederacy.