Thursday, November 19, 2009

Angry Food, a retrospective

Oh, we've seen angry "food" animals before. (Here, for instance. And here.) It has only now become apparent that those examples were the opening salvos in a new offensive. And when we say offensive

It's really the latest variation in the Submissive Dominant theme.

These seething "food" animals! How they bristle! How they fume! Yet they renounce the power of their misdirected rage. Like the towering Submissive Dominant who succumbs to his flimsy prison, these angry, angry animals are at a loss.

Take these chumps, aligned in anger on behalf of their corporate master, A Better Butcher Shop. Consumed by fury though they be, they neither run nor fight. They surrender, for surrender, we are told again and again, is the natural inclination of all "food" animals. The violent animal, the enraged animal, the clever animal—they all live, and die, to serve.

Addendum: The Firebreathing Hog even has his own retinue of lookalikes: the Mr. BBQ Catering pig and the Billy Bones "Pork U Love To Fork" pig.

Addendum 2 (11/21/09): Boy, once you start looking for something...

Hey, we've seen that angry chicken before!

Addendum 3 (2/20/10): The (second-ever) Troy (New York) Pig Out isn't for everyone.

Addendum 4 (10/03/10): More anger. (Thanks to Dr. Tamara for the photo.)


Anonymous said...

This whole setup is a poke in the eye to those namby-pamby hippies who say that meat tastes better if the animals that gave it lived happily, died happily, and offered up the meat happily. I'm now convinced that the tastiest meat is ANGRY MEAT, goddammit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ben,

Get a fucking life.