Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Chicken & Tortilla Casserole

This chicken, wearing a tortilla sombrero, sitting atop a festive star-shaped piñata, couldn't be prouder! (Click the image for a larger version.)

Not only is she included in 1992's Sunset Best Kids Cook Book, but see what it says there? She is an entrée you can invite actual company over to enjoy! Look at the smile playing over her beak. Oh, she's trying to play it cool, but she just wants to crow!

The significant point here—we realize we use that word loosely, and we thank you for your indulgence—is that this is a cookbook for children, so all of the usual obfuscation is firmly in place.

In a recipe for a chicken dish, must a happy chicken figure in?

We're not suggesting that brutal honesty is the only appropriate side dish (even we understand that no one wants to publish or purchase a cookbook for kids that features bloody chickens in agony), but do children need to be force-fed the smiling bird?

(Thanks to Dr. Nathan for the referral and the image.)

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