Sunday, November 1, 2009

United Egg Producers, a digression

Now, regardless of what a certain site would have you believe, we spend very little time bashing the free-range movement (or addressing it at all). While we insist that many free-range establishments are not appreciably different from their counterparts, we will stipulate that in some circumstances, animals are better off living under free-range conditions than those found on "conventional" farms. Moreover, speaking pragmatically, we concur that some free-range provisions or laws might be necessary steps on the way toward true change.

That said, let's take a closer look at the issue.

The United Egg Producers, proud prodders of chickens, explain the matter with an utter lack of bias!

And we're right there with them. Who was it who tried to peddle that free range malarkey to the chickens?

Freedom? The chance to rejoin the natural world, with its, you know, environments and, like, weather and puddles? What kind of monster would lie to a bird about the fictitious benefits of a freely ranging existence? It gives one pause.

All along, we knew that free range was a scam! Chickens are obviously better off in cramped cages, where they, um… Wait. What?

Sorry. We just… Hmm? Oh, um, where were we?

That's right: the evils of free range.

You see, chickens (like any sentient beings worth their salt) prefer not to be preyed upon. Though they find themselves outfitted as for war, with their GI rifles and helmets, they would rather be done with the whole bloody business.

Still, we confess we never knew they preferred a lifetime of imprisonment.

It's at this point where our credulity is almost (almost) strained.

Not wishing to be snatched up by a hawk? Fair enough.

Not wanting to get rained on? Well… maybe.

But fearing criticism for the oniony flavor of the unfertilized eggs your captivity was established to produce and profit from?

Then again, if the chickens say so.

All in all, a persuasive argument against free range. Like we've (not actually) always said, it's a hoax!

(Thanks to Dr. John V. for the referral.)


Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks so much for writing it. More on this specific ad campaign from the United Egg Producers at:

Desdemona said...

This one actually gave me a physical, Excedrin-worthy headache. I mean, oniony-tasting eggs? QUELLE HORREUR!!! An incalculably more terrible prospect than having your beak sliced off and being forced into a cramped, filthy cage where your claws grow around the wires until it's time for your miserable life to be brutally ended!

Anonymous said...

what is the "certain website"?

Becci said...

Nice entry, Ben. I ended up writing a post about it over on our blog. Thanks a lot for bringing these pictures to my attention!

Thrawn said...

Wow, the first one reminded me of this comic.

I had to read the article to get that those cartoons were to be taken literally.