Thursday, June 30, 2011

WIRK Rib Roundup

And here we see the power of a rotten idea to rot animals' minds.

Just as the chicken combatants and various barbecue battlers before them, this cow and pig attended to the sermons telling them they had no intrinsic worth, that their lives belonged to others and not to themselves.

And they believed. When an idea is drummed into you, into your bones and muscles, you believe. This idea took hold. It ran away with them. It fevered their minds. It addled their spirits. Before they knew what was happening, they had signed their lives away.

See what it has done to them!

They fight, yes, but not for freedom. Not for justice. Nor mercy. No, they fight for their masters' reputations, for bragging rights of those who own, kill, and consume them.

Look how they regard one another. They are brothers, born in chains, but that brotherhood has been rendered invisible. Neither sees a brother now. Each sees only a rival. An enemy.

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