Saturday, June 4, 2011


Who's a cute widdle piglet? Who's a widdle pwecious piglet? You are! That's right! You are!

With your pink ribbon! It's just the cutest! You're just the cutest!

I could just eat you up! Yes, I could. You happy widdle piggy!

Oh, those fwoppy widdle ears! They're just so fwoppy! I could just nibble them up!

And who has a chubby widdle tummy? Who has the chubbiest widdle tummy I could just gobble up? You do. Yes, you do!

Okay, but no. Seriously. We're going to eat you. Just conk you on the head, butcher you, and cook you. And we're just going to eat the hell out of you. And make you the mascot of our business selling a wide range of barbecue accessories. And it will be the cutest quetest thing.

Even the flames will be pink.

1 comment:

Rhea Parsons said...

Wow, I would give that 10 nooses. Seeing the cute widdle piggy is even more disturbing to me.