Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hava BBQ

What more do they need to do?

They get out on the lake, they manage to stand on the skis, and they show their stuff. For you. For you! To bring a little enjoyment to your life. To put a smile on your face. They just want to make you feel good.

But it's not enough, is it? What will it take for you to eat them? It's such a simple thing, such a small thing, isn't it?

Well, not to them it's not.

They're working. This isn't fun for them. This is their job and they do it well. You think it's easy to waterski when you don't have hands? When your legs end in trotters? Do you have any idea how much those custom skis cost? (Upwards up $800 a pair.) This doesn't even take into account the boat, the moorage fees, the fuel. The permits! The photographer alone costs $300.

And all so they can make a living die.

What more do they need to do?

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Anonymous said...

Not to mention the £1,000,000 ($40-$50 million bucks in today's money) Lake Havasu City paid for London Bridge in 1968. Sure does make a nice backdrop for the skiing, though!