Monday, June 6, 2011

Wings Etc.

This one scores high marks for its insistence on underscoring our basic thesis:

These animals want to be here. They want to participate in institutions working hard to destroy them and all their kind. In the world they inhabit, struggling is unthinkable. It's not that resistance is merely useless. It's that resisting is—literally—unthinkable. It never crosses their minds. No matter what horrors await them, no matter how grisly their daily lives, they show up and punch in early. They are dedicated to this.

This mascot can fly a plane, for Christ's sake. If he wanted to make a run for it, he'd have no trouble getting away. Even on his own, he could probably flap his way over a fence or two. Well, he does have his way, and that's not what he wants.

Nope, he would rather they hack off his wings and fry 'em up.

In the restaurant's placating commercial spots, two chickens sit around shooting the breeze. They talk about their personal lives. They talk about menu changes. They talk about everything except the one thing you might expect: getting out of that deathtrap alive.

Doesn't even cross their minds.

(Thanks to Dr. Alan for the referral.)

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