Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Rockin' Chicken

Have we finally reached it? After all the fakes, the has-beens, the wannabes, and the never-gonna-bes, have we finally found the true spirit of poultry-based rock-n-roll?

We've been around a while, you know. We've seen 'em come and we've seen 'em go. Fowl with big dreams and little else. But now! Now we might have found what we've been looking for all these years: a bird who can show us what freedom and rebellion are all about!

The Rockin' Chicken hits that stage and takes over.

He's got the look. (The way his comb turns into those sideburn things!) He's got attitude to burn. He drips with cool. This guy, he just doesn't care! He's looking out for number one and if you don't like it? You can kiss his ass!

And when you're done kissing his ass, you can wrench his wings off and fry 'em up! Oh, you want more? Well, how about carving out his, um, tenders, breading 'em, and shoving 'em in the oven?

How's that for rock-n-roll? Par-ty!

The Rockin' Chicken just isn't gonna play by your rules. He's a sleep-all-day, play-all-night, get-killed-and-eaten-when-you're-good-and-ready kind of guy.

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