Friday, February 18, 2011

Loin Ranger Bar-B-Cue Company

Like some kind of unsettling worst-of-both-worlds mixture of this bovine lawman and these sell-out superheroes, the Loin Ranger patrols the West for wrongs to right.

Unfortunately, the injustices he aims to challenge are confined to matters involving substandard barbecue. In short, he wants to make sure you're eating his fellow pigs properly. And when all is finally peaceful across the land, when all the pigs are well and gently cooked at last, he will fire off a few celebratory rounds of his sauce-loaded sixgun and dismount right onto a grill.

"Who was that masked pig?" a bewildered townsperson asks. "Don't know," answers his companion. "But he left us this recipe."

It's a tough time for those who need a champion.

Addendum: The panel originally awarded this two nooses. But after an appeal, they tacked on a third for egregious punning.

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Cavall de Quer said...

I've been assiduous in my attendance at the Suicide Food reunions for a long time now - and I always think I've seen the worst: nothing will screw up my face in a grimace now...Wrong again!!!!