Friday, February 4, 2011

Hogs N Heat Barbecue & Nut Fry

Finally, an explanation for at least one pig's perversity! He's an agent of pure corruption, in thrall to a psychologically devastated nihilism.

Suicide, murder, torture, the frying of testicles: it's all given license by this devilish boar.

The Cloven Hoofed One, the Hellhog, the Dark Swine. By whatever name he's known and cursed, he lingers in his excruciating afterlife, burning for eternity with a dream of dragging every last pig into his feculent sty. Death has been good to him. It's given him so much. He wants only to strew his blessings upon the multitudes.

Behind him, the Showgirls of the Damned praise his every repulsive lark. Choking on fumes, they sing for him. For all the pigs. For all the world!

(This whole business is not to be confused—we think—with the Hogs 'N Heat barbecue team.)

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