Friday, March 5, 2010

Hogs 'N Heat BBQ Team: before and after

Hogs and heat go together like pigs broiling to death on a giant metal grate!

Enjoying the cozy warmth of the grill, they toast their impending death with barbecue sauce and rub.

And while we're happy to encounter another example of suicide food lunacy, we see something even more glorious to talk about.

Because we've run across these hogs before. We could never forget their flashy threads.

It's true. This is the suicidefoodistically pure After picture. And what of the pagan Before?

This is how we first saw them.

It's as though they've cleaned up their act and joined the church of Suicide Food. No longer are the animals suffering—now they enjoy their spot on the grill. Hallelujah, for they have seen the Light!

Before, like dumb beasts, they labored and sweltered and feared for the end. They were nothing more than livestock, without intention or agency. They struggled to fend off their deaths-by-thirst. They squirmed and panted and sweated. No doubt they grunted and stank.

Now, they bear the hallmark of animals with souls: They relax on the gridiron with equanimity, and even sample the condiments that will soon enhance their flavor.

(Thanks to Dr. Bob for bringing the "after" version to our attention.)

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