Monday, March 15, 2010

Longhorns Saloon & Barbeque

Finally! Something that makes sense!

More than three years ago, we encountered a creature suffering from a similar complaint, which has since been codified as Induced Mutation Psychosis. (And since then, we also had occasion to meet the Chiggish and the Piscow.)

Briefly, IMP is the syndrome that artificially created beings develop when their unnatural genotype leads to decidedly poor self-esteem.

In the present case, the Bovog is shockingly ill-suited to carry on a meaningful existence. Quite the contrary. Facing his own destruction, he merely winks, as though he were in on the joke.

And who can blame him? Born a freak—a freak whose freakishness only made him a more desirable foodstuff—he never had anything to look forward to except his own death. Now that his destruction is imminent, he can finally experience a modicum of pleasure. In his place, would any of us behave differently?

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