Monday, March 1, 2010

Huskeradio BBQ

While these rampant pigs are nominally excited by the Cornhuskers of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, what really gets them supercharged is the opportunity to gorge themselves on pig parts. And then, no doubt, they will take one for the team and succumb to the grill at the next tailgate party.

They are such fans of dead pigs that the football clutched by Ballcap on the left is even marked as pigskin. Cowboy on the right licks his chops at the prospect of shoving that rack of ribs down his throat. Only Swinger in the middle is eating nonsanctioned chicken, and as a result, the transgressive look on his face is equal parts anxiety and delirium.

Between gulps, they listen to the game, sure, but then it's back to chewing and swallowing their parents, and daydreaming about going pro and winding up in the stomachs of another bunch of fans.

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